Wonderful and impossible art collections


Charles Friedrich Alfred Vetter - A Visit to the Munich Pinakothek

Between the sixteenth and the eighteenth century there were no museums, art collections were private and were part of the collections of rare and curious objects that the nobles of the time showed in rooms marked as "cabinet of wonders" (or Wunderkammer). One of the most famous was the "Chamber of Art and Curiosities" of Ferdinand II of Habsburg.
The works that I propose in this post contain some images of Wunderkammer, but most of the paintings are in the pictures. Wonderful art collections and often impossible because sometimes the plays performed could not be together in one place. Sometimes, for fun, try to guess which works are painted in these extraordinary collections. You will acknowledge any of them?

Tra il XVI e il XVIII secolo non esistevano musei, le collezioni d’arte quindi erano private e facevano parte delle raccolte di oggetti curiosi e rari che la nobiltà del tempo esibiva in ambienti chiamati "camere delle meraviglie" (o Wunderkammer). Una delle più note fu la "Camera dell'arte e delle curiosità" di Ferdinando II d'Asburgo.
Le opere che vi propongo in questo post riproducono alcune immagini di Wunderkammer, ma per lo più rappresentano dei quadri nei quadri. Collezioni d’arte meravigliose e spesso impossibili perché a volte le opere rappresentate non potevano trovarsi insieme nello stesso posto. A volte, per divertimento, provo a indovinare quali opere sono dipinte in queste collezioni straordinarie. Voi ne riconoscete qualcuna?

David Teniers il Giovane - Archduke Leopold Wilhelm in his Art Gallery in Brussels

David Teniers il Giovane - Archduke Leopold Wilhelm in his Painting Gallery

David Teniers il Giovane - Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria in his Gallery

Frans Francken II - Chamber of Arts and Curiosities

Frans Francken II - Galerie eines Sammlers

Giuseppe Castiglione - View of the Grand Salon Carré in the Louvre

Hubert Robert - Vue de la Grande Galerie du Louvre

Jan van Kessel il Vecchio - The Continent of Africae

Johann Zoffany - La tribuna degli Uffizi

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  1. fascinating... I like the continent of Africae. This would be a fun way to study paintings for an art history class.


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